Electronic Pocket Notebook (ePNB)

ePNB - Police Pocket Book:

  • replaces the police officers black paper notebook allowing the user to view recorded searches
  • Allows for the free formation of text, sketches and signatures
  • All data entered can be searched by the officer
  • Includes photo management
  • All entries are date and time stamped and geotagged
  • Records are stored for X days on the device and X years on the server
  • Same view from the desktop as from the smartphone or tablet 
  • Records can be signed off by supervisor with a footprint note without the need to recall notebooks
  • Records can be viewed by internal audit without leaving a footprint


CodeElectronic Pocket Notebook (ePNB)

ePNB is incorporated within iPatrol or available as a stand alone solution where ePNB records all device side query and activities are recorded, with time and date stamped with geotagged. ePNB permits the entry of notes, sketches, camera pictures and audio dictation to be captured, locked, sent to the server for permanent storage and search and retrieval as PDFs. Designed by police for use by police in their day by day activity to provide an alternative, semiautomatic method for officers to capture all notes in an electronic format, suitable for searching and extract and use in court and legal proceedings.


ePNB works in conjunction with the MPAServer and the ePNB plugin and database and desktop client for access and retrieval. Superusers and supervisors can access subordinates ePNB entries.

This product was designed to have searchable contents, with better access to the paper Pocket Note Book data than traditional paper based notebooks whilst complying to ACPO guidelines for digital evidence.