Xenium, a G-Cloud Supplier delivers Advanced Cross-Platform Software Solutions to Police Forces and Forms to Access Databases

iPatrol mobile client: Designed by police for use by police

  • Supports Android, iOS, Microsoft UWP and Samsung DeX desktop or In-Car   

    • Application Server (SaaS or on-premise) connects via Plugins to back office systems to deliver secure two-way mobile data

      • Plugins for NicheRMS, PNC, I-LEAP, Various C&C Systems, Electronic Notebook, HOBS, Gazeteer Solutions, Warrants, etc

        • Geospatial: iPatrol supports Niche Flags-Based Dynamic Geospatial Briefs. Works with Niche RMS, Occurances & e-Notes    

          • Pocket NoteBook (ePNB) records text, drawings, photos, geotagged/time stamped with secure intergroup chats

            • ​Support for Facial Recognition into NEC Neoface technology and Fingerprint reads against stored images

              • ​Mental Health Application providing risk assessment of an individual at the scene

                • ​iPatrol includes forms with customisable templates can be completed on mobile or laptop