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Electronic Pocket Notebook (ePNB)

ePNB - Police Pocket Book replaces the police officers black notebook allowing the user to record activities, sketches, camera images, signatures and interface with RMS activity where all entries are date and time stamped and geotagged.


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iPatrol for UK Policing

iPatrol is a proven and deployed mobile application that enables front line mobile police officers to access the functionality of Niche RMS togeteher with other core back office systems that seamlessly integrate into an Electronic Pocket Notebook (ePNB) where the application operates on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets devices for Android, iOS and Windows.






SecSQL is a framework for SQL databases that provides security at the row (record) level to any SQL database/application either at the design stage or post design for existing databases/applications.



WebDB is a forms based solution that mobilises existing or new corporate database applications by enabling users to view, synchronize, edit and update SQL database information from their mobile devices phone, tablet or desktop system. Customized mobile solutions that used to take days or even weeks to develop can be created in a point and click environment in a few short hours.


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