SQL Database Security

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  • Operates in on-line and off line modes
  • Allows for federated searches against any connected back end systems
  • Provides a data flow from one screen to the next without the need to re-key in any previous collected data
  • Interfaces with ePNB (Pocket Note Book) where stored on the phone is encrypted
  • MPA Server plugin to Niche RMS, NEC NeoFace, PNC, Controlworks, STORM, Warrants, and many more
  • Designed in conjunction with police for the use by police in their day by day duties
  • On device Witness Statements allows for creation of nominals when used on the smartphone and laptops 
  • Interface for Biometric identification using facial recognition and finger print against stored images enabling accurate identity
  • Support for Samsung DeX as a desktop or in-car solution when using Samsung 8 devices or higher



  • Is a framework for SQL databases
  • Provides security at the row (record) level to any SQL database/application
  • Security can be added at the design stage or post design for existing databases/applications