Mental Health Application

Mental Health Application:

The iPatrol MHA is the first application of its kind in UK policing. The MHA uses a blended approach of clinical practice and operational policing to better inform and assist officers dealing with mental health related incidents. It is hoped and intended the MHA will instil greater officer confidence through being better able to identify, record, evidence and describe, certain mental health problems using appropriate clinical language to assist health professionals.

The Mental Health Application allows for the risk assessment of an individual at the scene by the application user. The solution covers four distinct areas:

  1. To complete an Officer Risk Assessment Report
  2. Interface and update of Niche RMS® mental Health Monitoring Form
  3. Help and Guidance
  4. Access to Crisis Services



CodeMental Health Application

iPatrol was designed in conjunction with police for use by police in their day by day duties.

iPatrol Mental Health Application:

  1. Links with the triage team in PSC and guides officers to make use of the Mental Health professionals on site
  2. Improves data quality when delivered to the relevant health service
  3. Provides information to officers of local crisis centres and provides linking via Google Maps to local and relevant mental health services near me
  4. Completion of mental health monitoring forms for health board interface for Wales and England and Niche RMS 
  5. Records officers assessment and observations
  6. Provides clinical guidance
  7. Updates activity to the officers electronic pocket notebook
  8. Help and guidance to local and national news on mental health as well as legislation and guidance on mental health