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Integrated Mobile Solutions for the BlackBerry smartphone


School officials demand a solution that provides easy access to up-to-date student information, including names, pictures, parent/guardian contact information, and of course individual student timetables. WIC provides secure access to this information, and also provides an easy-to-use communication module, which enables alerting and communication with faculty, students, and parents. Access to this functionality enables administrators, principals, and school police and truancy officers to manage crisis and attendance situations quickly and efficiency.

Continuity of Operations

Whether it’s a lock-down situation, or one of countless other less serious incidents, reliable communication is the key to safely and efficiently managing emergency situations, and many educational institutions have entrusted their communication needs to the WIC suite of products. WIC can also ensure that crucial documents are on the hips of first responder’s when they’re needed most, instead of in an out-of-date binder or inaccessible network location.

Field Service

Mobile field workers can have jobs push to their BlackBerry and as well access company records via direct access to back end databases. Mobile forms are available to enable data collection and database syncronisation integrate with a range of back end databases. Signature can be captured in the field and recorded and printed onto mobile printers for proof of delivery receipts. Some the the technology that allows for solution for field morkers includes:  

Also available are a range of mobile printers that operate with the BlackBerry smartphone

Pager Replacement

Wallace Wireless provides a BlackBerry®-based pager replacement solution capable of replacing every pager in your organisation. The days of carrying around both a mobile phone and a pager are gone. Enjoy all the benefits of the BlackBerry solution, while at the same time receiving pages on a single wireless device.

WIC Pager is the ideal pager-replacement solution for organizations that:

  • … have already standardised on BlackBerry and want to eliminate pagers so that their employees only have to carry around one device.

  • … are unimpressed with the reliability of their current pager replacement solution.

  • … need to know who received, and even who responded to every page that was sent with real-time and detailed reporting for compliance purposes.

  • WIC Pager

Financial Services

Financial institutions have been dealing with challenging and volatile market conditions recently. In times like these, priorities tend to shift, changes must be made, and ultimately, efficiencies must be found. To this end for the BLackBerry smartphone allows a variety of applications that improve the operational efficiency of financial institutions by enabling mobile workers to solve business problems and keep business moving regardless of their physical location.

Even in times of change though, many of the basic principles of running large, complex organizations remain the same. One example is the importance of the creation and support of comprehensive business continuity plans.

Health Care

The entire healthcare industry is undergoing tremendous change, driven by hard econimic times and ensuring value for money. At the same time, the pressure to do more with less has never been more intense, and it is forcing the entire industry to find better and more cost-effective ways to "do business.”

Many organizations are looking to technology-based solutions to help close the gap in services and maintain the level of care and control that is crucial to the healthcare system as a whole.

  • Emergency Plans and Procedures on your BlackBerry all the time
  • Pager Replacement 
  • Forms

    Local Government

    Local governments across the globe are looking for solutions that do more with less driving the inductry to find better and more cost effective solutions for their rate payers and council tac payers.

    With the BlackBerry smartphone a number of solutions are available to assist in this area:  

  • Emergency Plans and Procedures on your BlackBerry all the time
  • Field Printing 
  • Form for capture of incidents like graffitti


    Also available are a range of mobile printers that operate with the BlackBerry smartphone












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