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WebDB is a forms based solution that mobilises existing or new corporate database applications by enabling users to view, synchronize, edit and update SQL database information from their mobile devices phone, tablet or desktop system. Customized mobile solutions that used to take days or even weeks to develop can be created in a point and click environment in a few short hours.

Add a mobile layer without re-inventing processes or systems: 

WebDB can dynamically access and synchronize data between any mobile device in online mode and offline mode for BlackBerry® 10, Windows Phone 8.1, iOS and Android. Connecting with almost any corporate database using MS SQL - HR systems, CRM, business intelligence, accounting, etc. This direct database access often eliminates the need to modify existing systems for mobile access with all application or design changes reflected on the mobile device by a simple re-login without the need for any client software re-installation or updates.

IT management and control: 

An easy-to-use graphical administration tool allows the administrator to control which databases are accessible to mobile users by leveraging the database`s existing security parameters plus create the database from scratch. The administrator can also limit access to specific columns within each database and additionally by integration with SecSQL (security framework for SQL databases) can provide row-level security with users only able to view or edit their own documents for example.

Out of the office, but still connected: 

Any new or modified records that have been updated by other users or systems can be viewed at any time when online from the mobile device, ensuring that the mobile user always has the most up to date information. And when offline, records can still be created and modified with updates uploaded to the corporate database when online is available.

Powerful tools for the mobile worker: 

End-users can control which records they synchronize to their mobile device or view on their laptop/desktop by specifying search criteria for any of the database attributes. They can then perform advanced searches to view only the records they are interested in. Users also have the ability to add, delete and modify records, even when offline.

In the office or on the laptop

Non-mobile users, accessing the same applications/data as the mobile users will also benefit from the additional screen space on desktops/laptops by utilising the portal mode of WebDB which provides multiple customisable views of the data at the same time and additional features such as integration with Google Maps/Earth.

Increased productivity, significant cost savings: 

Increase the productivity of your mobile workforce by reducing or eliminating the need for frequent (and costly) visits to the office. Make informed business decisions and provide better customer service with more accurate and timely information.

Minimum supported operating systems: iOS™ 7, Windows Phone™8.1, Android™ 4.0 and BlackBerry™ 10 where each operating system uses a common application code base. Not all features are available on all operating systems and dependent on the device specifications and operating. 


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