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Grabba - Mag Stripe Card Reader

The Grabba Magnetic Stripe Card Reader is a BlackBerry smartphone attachment for reading of Magnetic Stripe Cards. The Grabba Reader is based on the MagTek high performance decoder chip. It is available with dual and three track read capability providing high performance magnetic stripe card reading. The Magnetic Stripe Reader is being used in many different solutions, in financial as well as in non-financial applications

Key Feature of the Smart Card Reader:

  • Bi-directional read capability
  • Dual and Three track capability
  • Wide range of card swipe speeds (7-250 cm/sec with standard 75-210bpi data density)
  • High performance decoding with the ability to read badly damaged cards
  • Status LEDs for charging, reading & good read

    View a list of the supported BlackBerry smartphones for use with the Grabba technology

    Combination Solutions:

    Grabba provides many unique combinations of information capture which clearly set us apart and which are foundational to our achievement of market dominance. No other entity in the world offers the range of capabilities in a single device for attachment to a hand held computer. Grabba have the vision, team and technology in place to help you with your project, big or small. The additional functionality that can be added to the Grabba signature capture solution for use with a BlackBerry smartphone includes Barcode readers 1D and 2D, RFID low and high frequency readers, Contact Smart Card readers, Magnetic Stripe Card readers and MRZ passport readers. 


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