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iPatrol for UK Policing

iPatrol Electronic Pocket Notebook (ePNB) is a proven and deployed mobile application that has been created to replace the traditional paper notebook used by UK police officers.




iPatrol was designed by police for the use in day by day police duties. iPatrol operates on small form factor devices (SFF) for Android™ and iOS and for large form large factor devices (LFF) for Android, iOS and Windows®. Device management support includes BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Manager (BlackBerry® UEM), Samsung KNOX™, BlackBerry® Dynamics and VMWare® Airwatch®, Airwatch SDK, and NetMotion™ for network connectivity. iPatrol meets UK Home Office security and privacy guidelines including full audit control.

iPatrol delivers the mobile user the power of NicheRMS®, PNC, Hopewiser gazetteer, SunGard ControlWorks and Steria Storm Command and Control for search with and update with encrypted stored device side history. With GPS tracking enabled iPatrol activity provides seamless integration with an Electronic Pocket NoteBook (ePNB) where entries are time, date and location stamped. iPatrol delivers integrated support for a wide range of forms including Stop Search, PPN, Intel Submit, Digital Witness Statement with signature capture. iPatrol offers the ability to work both on-line and to a more limited extent, Off-line for areas lacking cellular coverage.

iPatrol provides twice annual releases to the force’s pilot group before the force wide deployment is delivered using an agile development process to meet large scale deployments. iPatrol operation on SFF or LFF devices optimising the officer’s user experience by minimising keystroke entry, re-using Person, Vehicle, and Address search results for form completion and data input along with smart activities like dialling phone numbers, look up addresses using device capabilities to integrate with satnav functions. iPatrol allows for the input of location using either address lookups or manually entry. All iPatrol device activities are saved in ePNB, where they can be searched or used again or added to and accessed for several weeks on device and for years on the server. The ePNB functionality allows for the entry of officer’s notes, sketches, camera images and voice dictations.

  • Features
  • Extends NicheRMS to mobile users
  • Provides seamless integration with multiple back office systems
  • Cost effective with less training for Niche users
  • Access Unit and Officer Tasks, Submit reports/notes
  • PNC database queries
  • Killer app is silent dispatch
  • Integration and stored history within ePNB


  • Benefits
  • Cost effective, less training for existing Niche users
  • Officers achieve answers faster without the need for dispatch
  • Increased officer and admin productivity
  • Direct access to database speed & reliability
  • Where allows, direct officer entry
  • Current call on the phone, with status and Log entries
  • All work is in your hand, increases productivity and reduces Return to Station

As a third-generation mobile application, iPatrol permits officers in the field to search data, provide activity and incident updates and complete forms from their mobile device for multiple back office systems. iPatrol was built by police, for the use in day by day police duties.


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